Shirt Pieter Zandvliet

___________Shirt Pieter Zandvliet___________

Tattoo Donor is not about fashion…..but about a way of life.
My father had his own style. It didn't matter if I liked his style….or not.…..but he really knew whether something was beautiful …….or not.!
Saying this I'm on my way to Puerto Banus.

(Photo taken by Martin Cuijpers) 
For a photoshoot with the Pieter Zandvliet shirt. Pieter is a Dutch artist who loves colors. (like my father).....See my article “Pieter Zandvliet” in the Blogger 

One of his paintings that's my favorite is by far: “Marilyn Monroe with her horny lovers”.
Recently Pieter put his expressions in a shirt. The Pieter Zandvliet shirt can be described as an explosion of vibrant colors.

(Photo taken by Martin Cuijpers) 
(Photo taken by Martin Cuijpers) 
After a while the new shirt was produced by Wolff Blitz……..
(Photo taken by Martin Cuijpers) 
….and came on the market….
…….and can be purchased in the shop of Mascolori in Rotterdam
Together with the new shirt goes to charity and the Tattoo Donor Wander Stick that is highly desired by the Jet Set in Puerto Banus.
(Photo taken by Martin Cuijpers) 
See my article: “Andalucian Wander Stick” 
In Puerto Banus you can not only see the older people with the Tattoo Donor Wander Stick….but also the youngsters as well.

To be continued…..
Published 25-2-2019......last time 24-9-2021
(Photo Martin Cuijpers)


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