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Lucky Lips

__________Lucky Lips__________ Sir Cliff Richard had een nummer dat “Lucky Lips” heet. (Foto: gratis foto Pxfuel) In deze song vertelt een moeder aan haar zoontje, dat hij zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken om zijn uiterlijk, want hij heeft gelukkige lippen. link - Lucky Lips - Cliff Richard Tekst van de song: When is was just a baby I didn't have many toys But my mama used to say son You got more than other boys Now you may not be good looking And you may not be too rich But you'll never be alone Cause you've got lucky lips Lucky lips are always kissing Lucky lips are never blue Lucky lips will always find A pair of lips so true Don't need a four-leaf clover Rabbits food or good luck charm With lucky lips you'll have a baby in your arms I never get heartbroken No, I'll never get the blues And if I play that game of love I know that I just can't lose When they spin that wheel of fortune All I do is kiss my chips And I know I'm