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Tattoo Holiday

___________Tattoo Holiday____________                     (Photo Abhisshek Saini from Pexels) Someone who doesn't have not one single Tattoo on his body…..shouldn't write about Tattoos. He doesn't know what he's talking about and will never experience the sensation of the dancing Tattoo needle on his skin. (Dutch: “Iemand die zelf geen Tattoo heeft zou niet over Tattoos moeten schrijven. Hij zal de eigenaardige sensatie van de dansende Tattoo-naald nooit ervaren tijdens het laten tatoeĆ«ren.”) In this way you get silly statements like “Zzz….and done”. “Zzz…….and done”.....? The person doesn't know what he's talking about. Hasn't he seen the painful expressions on the faces in the American program “Tattoo Fixers?” The young people even have to take a break because they can't stand the pain. So my writing about Tattoos isn't very wise in this way (like my writing in English is bullshit) but I dare to continue because of my sensational projects. Firs

Tattoos Tattoo Donor

____Tattoo Donor Tattoos _____ The newest Tattoos from Tattoo Donor are:.......... “Marilyn Duck”...... “Submarino”........ “Speedy Gonzales” ……….. These 3 drawings are by the hand of the Dutch artist Pieter Zandvliet. It's possible to order your own personal Tattoo. The Dutch artist Pieter Zandvliet is looking forward to make a drawing from your own Tattoo idea. See my article “Pieter Zandvliet” in the Blogger First Tattoo Donations  And the original ********Logo is going to replace in the wedding the rings in the future. Instead of…..(or with…!) the old fashioned wedding rings the lesbian couples are going to take a double Tattoo Donor Tattoo on their back. As a token of friendship…….on their back….. On their booty… that when they are on the beach you see only the upper part of the Tattoo. (to not disturb the playing children…...and narrow minded people) And the bottom part of the Tattoo disappears in the bikini . By the way…….the original  Tattoo Donor Logo is made by the