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Showing Malaga / Montrer Malaga

_____________Showing Malaga______________ Hey… name is Charly. I was born in Ireland,.... …...I left there when I was 5 and have moved to Scotland and have lived there ever since. And now I am going to show you Malaga. We start from Castillomartin and we have 2 alternatives to travel by bus to Malaga: -first: hiking the 2 kilometer long track till you get to the the bus stop ……….or…. -second: by car to the next village Casabermeja for the bus stop there.  As soon as we pop into the bus we are on our way to Malaga. We pay Paco the bus driver 1.70 euro for a one way ticket to Malaga……. ……..and drive along the highway along the green slopes of the mountains. In like 45 minutes Paco takes us (or sometimes Juan, when Paco has his day off) to the center of the capital of the province. Halfway we pass the botanic gardens “La ConcepciĆ³n” which is an inheritance from the widow Thissen. Entering Malaga we see on our right hand side the Malaga footballstation “La Rosaleda “. We get out of