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 ___Jelly Roll___

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Jelly Roll is am American singer, rapper and songwriter from Tennessee. And he loves country .....and 
for all tattoos. All his body is inked...and even his face.

Tattoo Donor doesn´t like tattoos on the face at all. When I first saw Post Malone his face tattoo started me thinking: "I hope that this doesn´t become a trend and that young people don´t follow his example" And when I did see Jelly Roll for the first time at the Oscar´s I thought: "Oooh my God......another one." Nevertheless for saving lives with my Tattoo Donor-project I´m going to write Jelly an open letter.

An open letter to Jelly Roll:....

"Hello Jelly are you doing.?   My personal opinion about face-tattoos doesn´t matter...but I want to tell you that since I have invented the Tattoo Donor Card it is possible to donate your tattoos to charity....or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

Could you please be so kind to read about my Tattoo-project in the article:

“Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs” in my Blogger: 

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

By donating one of your Tattoos you could save a lot of patients that are waiting for a donor organ.

(Photo Pixabay / Pexels) 

It would be great when you support the future foundation…..

Thank you so much for your time…… Tattoo Donor (Martin Cuijpers)"

And Tattoo Donor shouldn´t be Tattoo Donor without music....

Link: Jelly Roll - Save Me (New Unreleased Video) -

(Photo: free picture Pinterval)

Published 19-3-2024


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