Chiara Ferragni

_______Chiara Ferragni________

(Photo:  free photo Wikimedia Commons)
An open letter to Chiara Ferragni:

“Hi Chiara Ferragni….. I suppose that you dedicated your new to your son Leone ?

(Photo: Martin Cuijpers)

I'm personally not so keen on Tattoos, but when you put one on your skin….let it be a good one.! Yours is perfect……...really perfect.

But now you showed your lover for your son, there is a new possibility to do something for charity with the Tattoo as well.

Please read my article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs” in the Blogger: 

(before First Tattoo Donations)

There is a lack of donor organs worldwide. By donating your tattoo to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation you can help a lot of people that are waiting for a donor organ for transplantation in the future. 

(Photo: free photo PIXNIO)

And it will cost you nothing…..

Hope to speak to you soon…...
Martin Cuijpers ((Tattoo Donor)”

To be continued

(First time published 25-2-2019)
By the new email adress is 


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