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_______Katy Perry______

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An open letter to Katy Perry:
“Hi…..Katy Perry…..I remember the walls in the bedroom of my niece when she was your biggest fan.! The room was full with your posters. Now,.....years later I realise that since I am recruiting tattoos for the future Tattoo Donor Foundation it would be the biggest honor for me and my niece if I could add one of your tattoos on the list of the foundation.
Please…..can you read the article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs ” in the Blogger:

(before First Tattoo Donations)
You could help a load of patients that are waiting for a donor organ.
When you have any questions…...you can contact me…...or my niece……
Thank you so much for your precious time……..Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

link - Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Official) - https://youtu.be/YrbgUtCfnC0

(Of de clip met Farrell) 

To be continued….

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
(First time published 26-2-2019)

By the way...my new email adress is tattoodonor@gmail.com


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