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An open letter to Lady Gaga:

“Hello Lady Gaga…..congratulations with your Awards for best performance as actress in a motion picture: A Star is Born and for the song Shallow.

link - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow -

That is quiet a achievement.!

I can imagine that you have few goals left in your life…….although I have one left for you.!

There exists an opportunity to do something for charity….with your tattoos…!

I don't ask you money…..only a few minutes of your precious time. my article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs "” in the Blogger:

(before First Tattoo Donations)
I am recruiting popstars for the list of the foundation to do something special with their tattoos.

I found out recently that the article “Tattoo Donor voor Orgaandonatie” is not easy to read because it is in dutch.

But if you have any questions… can contact me.

The main thing is that the world is aware of the existence of the Tattoo Donor Foundation.

I can't offer you money...but if the movie ********** is going to be a success, I shall offer you a main role in the film…….You never know.!

Thank you so much for your time…...Martin Cuijpers  (Tattoo Donor)”

(Photo: free photo wikimedia commons .org)
To be continued….
(First time published 12-3-2019)


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