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An open letter to Robbie Williams:

“Hello Robbie Williams……..In your clip Eternity you show people: “Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.!

In my book I want to explain that life isn't about luxury and money. But more about inner peace and to be content. Therefore I'm working on a project for charity that is called “Tattoo Donor ”.

Please…...could you read the article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs ” in my Blogger: 
(before First Tattoo Donations)

By donating one of your tattoos you could save the lives of a lot of patients that are waiting for a donor organ.

It would be great when you should support the future Tattoo Donor Foundation…..and even more great when you should take over my complete Tattoo project....
What do you think about that...?

Thank you so much for your time…….
Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

link - Robbie Williams - Eternity -

(Photo: free photo Wikimedia Commons)

One of the main goals is building laboraties to grow new skin for people with grow other organs for transplant. 
Beside that doing research on viruses and bacteria....

To be continued……
(First time published 27-2-2019)
By the new email adress is 


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