Halle Berry

_______Halle Berry_______

(Photo: free photo Wikimedia.Commons)
An open letter to Halle Berry:

“Hello Halle Berry…...How are you?........I see on the internet a tattoo of a piraat on your hand…..! Do you like pirates as much I like pirates…..?

I am recruiting tattoos for the future Tattoo Donor Foundation. Or better to say it in an other way... I'm asking pop artists, movie stars and other celebrities if they are willing to donate one of their famous Tattoos to charity. 

Could you be so nice to read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"..... 
.... in the Blogger:  tattoodonor.com …...Please….?
(before First Tattoo Donations)

There is worldwide still a lack of donor organs for transplantations……With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation we can solve this problem in one blow... 

If you decide to donate one of your tattoos to the Foundation you could help a lot of children that are waiting in hospitals for a transplantation.

Everyday people die that could have been cured if they had got a donor organ.

It would be a big honour when I could add one of your tattoos on the list of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation. 
(Maybe the piraat-tattoo ???)

Hope to speak you soon……….
Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)”

To be continued……….

(Photo: free photo Wikimedia Commons)
(First time published 6-3-2019)

By the way...my new email adress is tattoodonor@gmail.com


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