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_______________Russell Crowe______________

(Photo: Thanks to Adán Montañez who kindly donated the use of this art to Tattoo Donor)

An open letter to Russell Crowe:

“Hi ….Russel Crowe… are you doing?......

First: The movie “A Good Year”is my favorite film all time.!

I think I have already watched this film more than 50 times. And still I'm not bored. The lifestyle of Max in the movie has inspired me to move to the countryside in Andalucia and to create my own "A Good Year" in the nature. 










Second: Your saying: “The chances of me getting a tattoo are none and f**k all” could come directly out my article about Tattoos.

Nevertheless I am starting a Foundation with Tattoos that is called the Tattoo Donor Foundation.

Please.....could you read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" in the Blogger: ….....please?  

First Tattoo Donations 

If you have no personal Tattoos to donate to the future Tattoo Donor least you can tell your colleagues and friens with Tattoos about my unique project for Charity ......please.

Actually every day still die people in the hospitals all over the world while waiting for a donor organ. But the problem is that there are simply not enough donor organs available. With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation this problem will be solved for ever. 

You will be surprised how practical my future Foundation will work……!

I hope to speak you soon…….

Martin Cuijpers.”

To be continued…….

(First time published 6-3-2019) 





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