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An open letter to Adele:

“Hi Adele…….you have already many years Tattoos…….no.?

Several Tattoos….. is of 3 dots.....

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.....another is of a one penny coin.....

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And a very important for her is the Tattoo is the letter "A" which is a tribute to her son Angelo.

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As it shows this on her left hand......

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But Adele....nowadays you can do something special with your Tattoos. I'm working on a project about Tattoos that is called: "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs”........

You can read everything in my Blogger:
(before First Tattoo Donations)

Worldwide still people are dying because they were waiting for a donor organ. But the problem is that there are simply not enough donor organs.

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When you donate one of your tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation this problem can be solved for ever ………..for ever.!

Thank you so much for your precious time.....and I hope to speak you soon…Martin Cuijpers      (Tattoo Donor).”

link - Adele - Someone like you -

One of the goals of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to build laboraties for growing for new skin for people with burns......
Do you know that you can grow new skin in Petri glasses.....

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link - Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) -

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To be continued……(I hope)

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First time published 18-5-2019


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