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______Angelina Jolie______

(Photo: thanks to the artist Adan Montañez who kindly donated the use of this piece of his art to Tattoo Donor)

An open letter to Angelina Jolie:

“Hello Angelina Jolie… are you doing.? I have a question…..I have seen on the internet that you have a lot of tattoos.

Well… can do nowadays something very special with your tattoos:

1st. You can enjoy your tattoos, because you like them…….

2nd. You can show them……..

3nd. You can donate them to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

I am working on a project about Tattoos and am starting a Foundation for Donor Organs.

Worldwide patients die, while they are waiting for a donor organ.

But the problem is:...... there are not enough donor organs.

(Photo: balik from Pixabay)

With the future foundation this problem will be solved for ever.! For ever.!

Could you…..please…… read my article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" …….?  

In my Blogger:

(before  First Tattoo Donations)   

Thank you so much for your precious time……...and I hope to speak you soon……..

Martin Cuijpers  (Tattoo Donor)”

To be continued……


 (Photo: Darcy Delia from Pexels)

(First time published 8-5-2019)











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(Photo: Adán Montañez who kindly donated the use of this art to Tattoo Donor)


 (Photo: free picture




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