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An open letter to Ellie Goulding:

“Hi Ellie Goulding…..how are you doing…? 

I have seen on the internet that you like Tattoos.

I'm working on a project with Tattoos for charity. Could you……. please…….read my article : “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" …….?

In my Blogger www.firsttattoodonations.com 

(First Tattoo Donations)

Worldwide people still are dying in hospitals while they were waiting for a donor organ. But the problem is, that there are not sufficient donor organs.
With the future foundation we can solve this problem in one strike…..!

 (Photo Tara Winstead from Pexels)

It would be great when you should donate one of your tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

The goal of the future Foundation is to build laboratories all over the world.

Not only in the western countries.....but in the WHOLE WORLD....!!!

Laboratories for growing al large scale new skin for patients with burns...to grow other organs for transplantation....and for research on viruses and bacteria.

And to improve the system of the organ donations with the new Tattoo Donor Card.

In this way it will be more effective in the future to get a donor organ for example for a heart transplant. 

 (Photo Hernan Pauccara from Pexels)

When people see that their favourite fan pop artists, movie stars and other celebrities are going to donate their famous Tattoos to charity...yeah...then gradually the public opinion will change beneficial to organ transplant.

Thank you so much for your precious time…..I hope to speak you soon…..Martin Cuijpers.”

link - Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video) - https://youtu.be/AJtDXIazrMo

link - Ellie Goulding - Sixteen - https://youtu.be/oXwiVsWJqRs

To be continued…….I hope.

(First time published 26-5-2019)


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