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An open letter to Gwen Stefani:

“Hello Gwen Stefani.........on the internet you have some fake-tattoos on your arm….no?

But also an impressing friendship-tattoo together with Blake Shelton.

(Foto: gratis foto Flickr)

It's a very nice idea to confirm your friendship with a tattoo…..but the cherry on top of the cake would be to donate your commun tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation .

Could you….please….read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs".... the Blogger :
(before First Tattoo Donations) 

Worldwide still people in hospitals die while they were waiting for a donor organ.

But the problem is: there are simply not enough donor organs. With the new Tattoo Donor Foundation this problem will be solved in one strike.!

In one strike….!

(Foto: Martin Cuijpers)

Thank you so much for your precious time…….I hope to speak you soon…..
Martin Cuijpers”

Link - Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl -

Link - Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani -

To be continued……..I hope.!

(Photo: free picture Flickr)

(Photo: free picture Flickr)

(First time published 21-5-2019)
By the new email adress is 


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