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Pink is an American singr/songwriter/actress.... and she is fond of Tattoos.

That means that she used to be fond of Tattoos.

An open letter to Pink:

“Hi Pink…… are you doing? You have some tattoos…….no?


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Like one of your Tattoos is the number 17. !

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Like these…….(Photo:...)

Or these……(Photo:....)

A quote of yours:

(Well, now the irony!) “I don't like tattoos”, Pink says: “If I had an eraser, woosh…...If I could start over, I'd do just a big back piece and have a clean (front). I'm into balance.”

So now you have the possibility to get rid of your tattoos on a revolutionary way:

Could you…….. please…… my article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs ”

….in the Blogger: 

(before First Tattoo Donations)

Everyday still die people while waiting in hospitals for a donor organ.

But the problem is that there are simply not enough donor organs. 

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When you consider to donate one of your tattoos to the future….. that would be great.!....and this problem can be solved in one strike.

Did you know that you can grow new skin in glass dishes in a laboratory.? The official name of this dishes is petri dishes. 

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You have a load of possibilities to accomplish skin.

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Or to grow new ears…….

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Because when you have no cannot put earrings in your ear....!  Hahaha.!

No....I'm just kidding. 

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In the meantime the future Tattoo Donor Foundation wants to accomplish that the system of donating of a organ for transplant will be more understandable so that it makes sence to everybody.

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There should be only 1 Donor Card for the whole world.


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Thank you so much for your precious time…...hope to speak you soon…….

Martin Cuijpers. (Tattoo Donor)"

Link - Pink - Walk me home (Official Video) -

To be continued……..I hope…..


(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

 First time published 10-6-2019

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