Another Song for Dimash

_______Another Song for Dimash_______

Hi……...Dimash Kudaibergen……..again I've a new song for you.
It's a song of Edith Piaf.
It's her most famous song:

link - Edith Piaf chante - 1960 HQ Non, je ne regrette rien -

This song is perfect for your 6 octaves reach.

And you showed with the song S.O.S...... that the French language is not a problem for you. 


I'm already looking forward to hear you start this song with your low baritone voice.

And to hear you using the rolling tongue like Edith Piaf.


If you have any questions ……..or reactions…….please… me in Andalucia…...hope to speak you soon.

Greetings, Martin Cuijpers

(future Tattoo Donor Foundation)

Family grave from Edith Piaf


(Photo: Graver77 from Pixabay)

(First time published 27-11-2019)


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