Annie Lennox

 _____Annie Lennox_____

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

Finally Annie Lennox has been inked (she says).  The Tattoo is a bright red heart with birds on the right and the left side.

It would be great if Annie considers to donate her new Tattoo to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation....  so here follows a special request to Annie Lennox:

"Hello Annie Lennox.....I have seen on the internet that you inspite your not so young age have decided to get a Tattoo. Since I have invented the first Tattoo Donor Card it is to possible to donate in the future your Tattoo to Charity, 

Mabey you might ask how is it possible to donate a Tattoo to Charity....? can find the answer in my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger

The main goal of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to build laboraties for growing new skin for people with burns....

(Photo: free picture Pexels) grow other organs for transplant....

.......and to do research in bacteries and virusses.     (Like HIV)

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

And when you have then later more questions..... I´m happily willing to explain the concept to you.         Have a nice day.....and I hope that we speak eachother soon.

Greetings, Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

And now my all time favorite song of Annie and The Euritmics....

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

Link - Eurytmics - There Must Be An Angel (Playing with my heart) -

First time published 13-1-2023)


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