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Diane Kruger got her first tattoo after losing a bet.

The bet was regarding the movie Into the Fade during the Cannes filmfestival. Diane did forspell that the film never was going to The Cannes Film Festival. Well....she was wrong....the film was a success and was not only nominated for the Palme d´Or.....Diane Kruger won even the Best Actress award.     So you see that not only sailors and drunken people get inked. Her new tattoo was supposed to be on her arm...but she got away with a small tattoo of an anchor on the inside her ankel. The winner of the bet was the director of the movie Fatih Akin who is originally from Hamburg. Akin wanted a memory of a anchor of his hometown Hamburg. The stange thing is that there is no anchor in the weapon of Hamburg.... 

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There are various reasons to get a tattoo. My reason is obvious. Even although I first didn´t like tattoos at all...I got my first Tattoo on my old age and this tattoo is going to be the first Tattoo donation in the whole world. My tattoo is called    "Tattoo Donor Knight".

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An open letter to Diane Kruger....

"Hi Diane Kruger...the fact that you once did lose a bet doesn´t mean that you never bet in your life again. Tattoos are not supposed to be a topic of a bet. But for to make an excepcion....I dare you to make another bet....

I bet that my tattoo project for Charity is going to be a success. And if not...I go to get inked one more time in my life although I don´t like tattoos at all. The tattoo will be an image of the replica of the Santa Maria of Columbus...or the Nao Victoria of Magelhaen which has made the first tour around the world 500 years ago....

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I´m just joking...Tattoos shouldn´t be subject of a bet. A Tattoo is for life. And remember that it is an encroach upon your skin for ever.


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Why am I so keen on the subject Tattoos....?                                                                                        Well....I hope to achieve with the future Tattoo Donor Foundation the building of laboratories all over the world for growing new skin for people with burns...for growing other organs for transpant....and for to do research in virusses and bacteries.

Still people are dying while waiting for an organ for transplant....but the problem is that there exists a lack of donor organs. With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation we can solve this problem in 1 blow.

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Could you please be so kind to read my article"Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger  tattoodonor.com

I found out that reading my article is a little bit complex but if you have any questions or comments...please contact me.

Have a nice day and thank you for your time....Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

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Diane Kruger is an American / German actress.....

Link: Tribute / Diane Kruger (feat. Emiliana Torrini) - https://youtu.be/ta2E498_AeI

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Diane speaks German....French....and English

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First time published 26-3-2023
By the way...my new email adress is  tattoodonor@gmail.com 



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