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Has Cher a Tattoo.....?

Oh yes....she has a nice Tattoo on her bum.....or in decent English bottom.

She got the Tattoo after her relation with Sonny was ending in 1973.

It was a Tattoo of a butterfly with flowers and she was showing off this one in an infamous mess stocking in her shows....

Now I see Cher in a pirate outfit.....

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And in fact I love pirates....

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And the pistols on the picture of Cher as a pirate remind me to the time I was a pirate on the ships of the foundation Nao Victoria.

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My pair of pistols I purchased in St. Malo in France when we were there when we moored with the ship in the harbour.

(Photo: Martin Cuijpers)

But let´s get to the point.....I wonder if Cher is aware of the fact that you can donate your Tattoo to Charity.....

To donate to Charity ....or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

So to be sure...I´m going to write her an "Open Letter"......

"Hello Cher...How are you doing?.It seems that you like Tattoos....but did you know that you can do nowadays a very special thing with your Tattoos..? 

Since I have inventend the Tattoo Donor Card it is possible to donate your Tattoos to Charity.

Maybe you´ll think: "How the f*uck it is possible to donate to Charity.........but I can assure you that it is possible. Are you still doubting...?  Please read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger

The goal of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to build laboraties to grow new skin for people with grow organs for transplant...and to do research in virusses and bacteries.

Everyday worldwide people die while waiting for a donor organ for transplant.....but the problem is that there is a lack of donor organs.

With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation this problem will be solved for ever....

(Photo: Martin Cuijpers)

The donated Tattoos of the celebrities will be of course only removed when the person has passed away...Only then the Tattoo will be preserved....dried and dehydrated for eternity....

To show you that it is possible to preserve a Tattoo...I´m going to show you a dried Tattoo that is more than 120 years old....

(Foto: gratis download lookandlearn. com)

To be continued....

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First time published...long time again....

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