Harry Styles

 _______Harry Styles _______

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An open letter to Harry Styles:.....

"Hello Harry Styles....how are you doing...? 

Do you ask yourself somethimes what happens to your Tattoos when you die....?

There are 3 possibilities......

1 - Your Tattoos will be burned at your cremation.......And then they will be lost for ever....!

2 - Your Tattoos will be burried in the earth at your funeral.......And then they will be lost for ever.....!

3 - We are going to look for a solution with my future Tattoo Donor Foundation how to preserve your precious Tattoos for eternity.......And then they will live for ever.....!

If you want to find out how works my Tattoo Donor project....please read my article:"

Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger:  tattoodonor.com

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

The future Tattoo Donor  Foundation is even planning to found a Tattoo museum with the Tattoos of pop artists, movie stars and other celebrities. 

You can read this in my article  "Future Way to Commemorate" in this Blogger.

If you have some questions ....or doubts....please don´t hesitate and contact me....

Have a nice day.....Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

(Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

With more than 50 Tattoos on your body you can say that you are quite addicted to Tattoo ink. 

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

A "Two Swallows" Tattoo decorates Harry Styles's chest. 

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

The 2 birds are facing each other. 

(Photo: free picture Citáty slavnych osobnosti)

And Tattoo Donor is nothing without good music.......

Link - Harry Styles - Satellite (Official Video) - https://youtu.be/bGZplqeIb3w

To be continued.....

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

To be continued.....

(Photo: free picture Wikipedia Commons)

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

(First time published 11-12-2021)


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