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 ___Paris Hilton___

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

Paris Hilton is a american DJ.....also a singer, businesswoman, actress and model. She is born in New York City in 1981.

Paris has as far as I know 2 Tattoos. One of them is a butterfly......

So I´m going to write her in an open letter if she is willing to donate one of her Tattoos to Charity.

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

An open letter to Paris Hilton:

"Hello Paris are you doing?

I´ve seen on the internet that you have at least 2 Tattoos. One of them is a butterfly.

Since I have invented the Tattoo Donor Card which is part of my unique Tattoo project for Charity I´m writing to all kind of popartists, movie stars and other celebrities if they are willing to donate their famous Tattoos to Charity.

(Photo: Martin Cuijpers)

Could so kind to read the article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" 

In the Blogger

(before First Tattoo Donations)

With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation I´m planning to build laboraties for growing new skin for people with burns. Do you know that it is possible to grow new skin on petri-glasses....?

Another question you sometimes wonder what happens to Tattoos when people die?

You can read this in my article "What Happens with your TATTOO when you Die?"

I hope that you will like my project....and when if you have any questions or doubts....please contact me...have a nice day....Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

P.S.....Paris as you can see I´ve only free pictures in my have an original photo yours for my project....? Thank you so much.

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

To be continued....I hope


By the new email adress is 



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