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Chumlee is a american businessman starring in the television series Pawn Stars.

Togeher with his Tattooed friend Corey Harrison.

Corey is the son of Rick Harrison and is also almost completely inked.

Since they are familiar with auctions I´m going to write them an open letter. So here we go again….

“Hello Chumlee and Corey….I have seen in your program Pawn Stars that you are big fans of Tattoos. Colorfull Tattoos.

Recently I have invented the Tattoo Donor Card and so you can do a very special thing with your Tattoos. You can donate them to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation so that they can be auctioned for Charity.

Maybe you think now: “How the f*ck can you bring a Tattoo to an auction…?”

Well….I´m going to explain to you. You can read everthing in the article

“Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs”

In the Blogger:

By donating your Tattoos to the future Tattoo Donation you prevent that after you have passed away that your Tattoos are lost for ever. (I hope that you´ll live up to an age of 100 years) Do you actually philosophize sometimes what happens with your Tattoos when you are deceased.?


You better read my article “What Happens with your Tattoo when you Die” in this Blogger.

(And “Future Way to Commerate)

My own Tattoo that is called Tattoo Donor Knight will be the first Tattoo donation in the whole world because I´m going to donate it to medical science…or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

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When you decide to donate one of your Tattoos as well it would be a great boost for the project.

By the way….the goal of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to build laboraties for growing new skin for people with burns…..for growing other organs for transplant….and to do research in bacterias and virusses.

I hope that you can read and share my article.

Thank you so much for your time….greetings Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)”

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Published 29-11-2023

By the new email adress is 



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