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 ____Britney Spears____

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Britney Spears is an american singer.....

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Britney Spears has at least 9 known tattoos.

So I´m going to ask her in an open letter if she is willing to donate one or more of her tattoos to charity...or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation....

"Hello Britney are you doing...?

I am working on a project that is called “Tattoo Donor for Donors  Organs”.
This project includes the start of a foundation that provides donor organs for patients that are waiting for a transplantation……

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Another goal of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to ground laboraties all over the world to grow at large scale new skin for people with burns and acid grow other organs for transplant..... and last not least to do research on viruses and bacteria. And when I say to build laboratory's all over the world..... then I mean ALL over the world. And not only in the rich Western world. 

Please……..could you read my article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs” in the Blogger: 

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

If you consider to donate your Tattoo to the future Foundation you would help a lot of patients that are waiting for a donor organ... 

Thank you so much for your precious time………...Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)”

And Tattoo Donor should be Tattoo Donor without some good music....


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And...Link:  Britney Spears-Oops!...I Did It Again (Official HD Video) -

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(Photo: Martin Cuijpers / Tattoo Donor)

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