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Recently I´ve watched the film " In the heart of the sea". Although the movie was shown on board of the ship El it was in Spanish.....I was delighted to see shots of ships from past centuries in action. It felt familiar because for the promotiontour  "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" I´m already for almost fifthy days a volonteer/crewmember on the Spanish Galeon Andalucia.

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

It´s like seeing my present livingroom in the film. This voyage around the world gives me the opportunity to complete my Blogger and at the same time the possiblity to make photos that you only can take once in your lifetime......

Like this one.....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

The ship that we are aiming at is the Noa Victoria and togheter we left the harbour of Cadiz with the destination Huelva. In Huelva we´re going to meet the Santa Maria of Columbus. 

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

All these ships are replicas of course because the originals are on the bottom of the sea.

To come back on the movie "In the heart of the sea" one of the main roles we see  Chris Hemsworth who has in his daily life some Tattoos with the initials of family members.

So I´m going to ask him in an open letter if he eventualy is interested to donate one of this Tattoos to charity...or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

"Hello Chris Hemsworth......for the movie "In the heart of the sea" you have been shooting on several ships. But you have never been on board of El Galeon Andalucia. So now I want to invite you for a personal guiding tour on the Galeon Andalucia. At the moment we are in Valencia in Spain. 

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Moreover I want to tell yoou about my Tattoo project for charity.

Could you be so kind to read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger:

Worldwide still people are dying in the hospitals that could have been helped when they had received a donor organ in time. 

(Photo: free picture Peakpx)
And you are doubting.... realize that I myself got on my old age a Tattoo especially for Charity.... 
Maybe we can be the 2 FIRST persons in the WHOLE WORLD to donate a Tattoo to charity...? 
That would be really COOL....! 
Then we go together to the auction in Sotheby's in London... 
One of the many things that the future Tattoo Foundation wants to achieve is to build laboraties for growing new skin for people with burns and for acid survivors....and to do research in virusses and bacteries.

(Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons)

Chris....thank you so much for your time and if you have any questions or comments…….please, contact me…….hope to speak you soon….Tattoo Donor (Martin Cuijpers)”

(Photo: free picture Flickr)

(Photo: free picture Flickr)

First time published somewhere in february 2022

By the new email adress is 



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