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Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and is the highest-selling Australian artist all time. She comes from Melbourne and is also a fashion icon. Kylie has at least 2 tattoos.....1 on her left second toe....and 1 on her lower back.So I´m going to her in an open letter if she is interested to donate one of her famous tattoos to charity....or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

Open letter to Kylie Minogue.....

"Hello Kylie are you doing...?  I´ve read on the internet that you have some tattoos.     Since I´ve invented the first Tattoo Donor Card in the world it is possible to do something very special with your tattoos. Could you be please so nice to read my article " Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger 

(before First Tattoo Donations)....

Tattoo Donor is not interested in money or fame. All the proceeds go to charity. 

All proceeds...!!! 

To the future Tattoo Donor Foundation....... and where is some money left over ... to other charity. 

Worldwide every day die people in hospitals while they were waiting for a donor organ. But the problem is that there are not sufficient donor organs.

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With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation that problem will be solved for ever. 

Do you know that one can grow new skin.... and grow new ears and so on glass dishes. (called Petri dishes)  

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The future Tattoo Donor Foundation is going to grow new skin at large scale. New skin for people with burns and for acid survivors.

It would be mega when you add your fabulous Tattoo-donation to the list of the future foundation.
Thank you much for your time……..      Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)”

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And Tattoo Donor is nothing without good music......

Link: Kylie Minogue - Can´t Get You Out of My Head (Official Video)

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