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 ____Lewis Capaldi_____

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The Scottish singer and composer Lewis Capaldi is born in Glasgow (Scotland). He has won in 2020 the Brit Award for Best New Artist. In his personal life he revealed that he not so long ago was diagnosed with the Tourette´s syndrome.  Lewis has several tattoos....like almost all famous celibrities nowadays...so I´m going to write in an open letter that he can do something very special with his tattoos.

Open letter to Lewis Capaldi....

"Hello Lewis Capaldi...how are you doing.?

I have a question. Do you sometimes philosophize what happens with your Tattoos when you pass away...? (I hope that you live to 100 years.!)

But up to now normally when somebody has deseased his tattoos are lost for ever. 

You have 3 possibilities:

1. with a funeral:.... the tattoos are lost for ever......

2. with a cremation:.... the tattoos are lost for ever.....

3. when you donate your tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation your tattoos will live FOR ETERNITY

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Maybe you´ll think :"How is it possible that your Tattoos can be preserved for future generations...?"

Well...please...read my articles "What Happens with your TATTOO when you Die?" and

 "Future Way to Commemorate"

With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation Museum you´ll be launched in modern times.

All this is a part of my Tattoo project for charity "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" in this blogger tattoodonor.com

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

My Tattoo project is so unique that it will bring for sure a lot of questions and doubts....but don´t worry Lewis....I´m happily willing to explain extensively how the project works.

Have a nice day and thank you so much for your time..Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

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And Tattoo Donor shouldn´t be Tattoo Donor without good music.....

Link:  Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved - https://youtu.be/zABLecsR5UE?si=mh-ur8B1YE8A9Hvk

To be continued...I hope...

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Published 13-3-2024


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